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  • 2017 Sports Brochure 2017 Sports Brochure

    To all members,
    The sports brochure is a vehicle used to house the varsity sports schedules for both W. Tresper Clarke and East Meadow High Schools for their spring and fall seasons (Clarke for spring and East Meadow for the fall). We are now selling spaces for the upcoming Fall version for the East Meadow High School 
    Advertisements are 2" deep x 2-1/2” wide, sold only to chamber members and placed around the sports schedules (see sample below from last season(s)). There are 30 in total for $100.00 each (for a single space), $150 for a double space (vertical or horizontal) or $250 for a triple space (cover or top of any page). We print 700 copies and each team player gets three to give to their family members so they may attend the games.
    Please reply to either committee member… Secretary Mike Levy at mlevy@minutemanpress.com or Past President Steve Haller at stevehaller721@gmail.com if you are interested in a space. FYI, this is going to print next month, so please reply ASAP.
    On behalf of the committee thanks for your support.
    Frank Camarano
    East Meadow Chamber of Commerce

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  • East Meadow Chamber

    Everything you need to know about East Meadow

    The East Meadow Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to making the East Meadow community ideal for commerce and doing everything we can to do our part in enhancing quality of life in the neighborhood.  Whether you are a resident or just passing through, East Meadow has a lot to offer.  Explore the site and discover our town. Parks, golfing, great restaurants, and reliable and friendly small businesses.  We will happily greet you.  

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    Sonic Coming to East Meadow June 2017


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