• We are proud to welcome new businesses
    and new Chamber members! –

    Let the Chamber organize your ribbon cutting...

    • ​Chamber leadership can extend an invitation to our local government officials to attend your ribbon cutting ceremony.  (However, we cannot guarantee that their schedule will allow them to attend.) ​
    • Chamber can provide the large scissors and ribbon for your ribbon cutting ceremony.
    • Chamber will provide a press release, with a photo from the ribbon cutting event, to be published in the East Meadow Herald
    • Chamber will announce the details regarding your upcoming ceremony through our social media channels.
    • Chamber President, Board members, and members will make every effort to be in attendance.
    • All ribbon cutting ceremony taking place during business hours on weekdays. 
  • Ribbon Cuttings
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    • Grand-Stage-Ribbon-Cutting(1).jpg
      The Grand Stage Diner
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      I Love Hearing
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      Dream Dance
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    • nassaucredit-union-ribbon-cutting.jpg
      Nassau Financial Credit
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  • Business spot lights
  • Welcome to our new members!

     Total Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

     Syosset Physical Therapy& Athletic Training    

     Hato Sushi  

    Fiori Garden Nursery and Mason