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  • New York Driver Safety

    New York Driver Safety



    About Us

    Defensive Driving Classes


    Hassle free, no quizzes, no phone verification, no waiting for pages to time out
    Knowledgeable instructors who can teach you to be a safer driver
    Classroom experience that's entertaining, informative with state of the art audio & visuals
    No Final Exam passing is guaranteed

    Private Classes Available at Your Location

    If you're looking for a more private setting such as your office, our instructors can arrange a private class
    at a location and time convenient to you. Our private classes have the same course curriculum as
    our public classes. Private classes have a minimum of 10 students but can be as large as you would like.


    New York Driver Safety Building
    New York Driver Safety Classroom - Front
    New York Driver Safety Classroom - Student Seating

    Rep/Contact Info

    Walter Skinner
    Owner/ Partner
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