• Groups

    Goodwill and Welfare Committee

    The goodwill and Welfare Committee shall have as its function the sending of suitable cards and gifts to members, and seeing to it that suitable arrangements are made to notify the membership of happy and unhappy events, and that appropriate cards and/or other items are sent to the members and/or their families

    Hospitality Committee

    The Hospitality Committee shall have the duties of making guests at the meetings welcome, and of greeting and welcoming members who are new and unacquainted with others.

    Liaison Officer

    The President shall select a Liaison Officer whose duty shall consist of keeping in contact with other business groups on the Island, representing the Chamber with such other groups and reporting back on the activities of such other business and civic groups.

    Membership Committee

    The Membership Committee shall be chaired by the First Vice-President.

    Program Committee

    The Program Committee shall arrange for interesting speakers on topical subjects, or events of interest to the business community for our meetings. The Program Committee shall be chaired by the Second Vice-President

    Publicity Committee

    he Publicity Committee shall be selected by the President to keep the members and community in touch with the activities of the Chamber of Commerce on a regular basis.
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